Norhaiza Noordin is an Artist Woodcarver based in Malaysia. His work can be seen globally in both public and private collections. Norhaiza is an exponent of the Malay Tradition, both motif and pattern, and carving methodology, which he has researched and been handed on to by Master Craftsmen or ‘Guru’.

He has undergone this journey in order to create his own unique style – an evolution of the craft.

Welcome to his website where you can view his major works and also learn some of the methods employed in this unique craft which utilises and embellishes timber from all sources; the rainforest, the swamp and even wayside flowering trees.

This year will see the opening of the Bakawali Centre at his workshops here in Terengganu, a place for study, research and collaboration. Here guests will be able to interact and learn this wonderful craft at our complex of restored Terengganu houses, anyone can join as we have courses to suit all levels of interest, from beginner to experienced woodcarvers. More than this we provide an insight into the traditions of this craft plus the importance of preparation of the mind, body and spirit.